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17/07/2018 12h25
The Roses Of Seven Colors (English Edition) eBook Kindle

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Karina, Sara and Taty are three little friends who love to play in grandma Mary's garden. One day they visit the magic kingdom of the fairies and have a great adventure in search of the Rose of Seven Colors, a colored flower like rainbow. 


Karina lived in a big house with her sisters and grandparents. In their backyard there was a beautiful garden, where they used to play all day long. In the garden, there were all kinds of flowers and plants in beautiful vases, and many trees. There was a little fruit tree close to the flowerbeds and another huge tree with violet flowers and roses that were nurtured by her grandma Mary. At the back of the yard there was a special tree. It was about two meters high and had little purple flowers grouped with seeds of yellow and green berries.
Grandma Mary was short and very sweet. She was as beautiful as a doll and loved the flowers and her little granddaughters so very much. She also loved taking care of the garden and watering the plants daily.
Karina always played in the garden with her friends Sara and Taty, pretending to be enchanted fairies. They would dress in her mom’s long and flowery nightgowns and they would run around in the garden.
They were dreamers and believed that all their dreams could come true.
One day, on a sunny morning, Karina, Taty, and Sara were playing in the backyard pretending to be fairies. They decorated their heads with the flowers from the garden and ran through the yard.
It was a memorable day filled with fun and laughter.
After playing for a long time they had a tasty lunch, provided by grandma Mary, and then rested shortly after.
After changing out of her mother’s nightgowns and returning to their normal clothes, once again, Karina, Taty, and Sara began walking through the garden. They came upon the special tree made of purple flowers with yellow and green seeds that looked like little fruits.

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