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17/07/2018 13h49
New York Forever, A Moment To Love (English Edition)

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Cristina Müller had the great dream of leaving for the United States of America and when she finally reaches her destination, she has long desired, lives unforgettable moments of joy, doubts, pain and achievements.
In New York City, she begins working as a nanny at the Olsen family home, where she meets Eric Preston for the first time, a prosperous and happy businessman who runs his parents’ company. However, after facing the greatest sadness of his life he becomes a bitter and lonely man, almost unable to live the love.
Cristina tries to win Eric’s heart, that is always resistant, fleeing from his feelings, after all love is not something that simple, and this because the obstacles need to be defeated and all pain overcome.



Cristina was excited with the news she had just received, she was jumping and shouting as she entered her little sister’s bedroom:
“Amanda! Amanda, my dear!”
“What’s going on?”
“You won’t believe!”
“What happened?”
“It worked! I made it!”
“What worked? Why are you screaming? You can barely breathe!”
“I’m going to the United States of America! I was accepted for an exchange program and I got my visa for work!” breathless revealed the news.
Amanda raised her eyebrows surprised after seeing her sister so excited.
“Calm down, Cris! Speak slower, no screaming, and breathe. So, you finally got accepted for the babysitter exchange thing?”
She took a deep breath, tried to calm down and explained:
“Yes, I made it! Well, my dream will come true! I’m flying to New York this week already! Everything is already set up.” shouted excited.
“It’s great that everything worked out well after trying for so long. But do you really believe that you’ll have a future working as a babysitter over there? Think about it, things are not as easy as they seem to be.” Amanda questioned her in an almost demotivating tone.
“Of course I will have a future in the USA! That is all I ever wanted! At first I will stay there for two years. I know that it won’t be easy and that being just a babysitter is not great for those around me and for those that criticize me, but if I don’t try this way I will probably regret for the rest of my life.” Defended her dreams once more.
Cristina was only nineteen years old and had many dreams she wanted to come true. There were so many expectations held in that girl’s heart.
Her passion for the United States began early in life, in her childhood she would always repeat that she really wanted to live in Los Angeles or New York, be a famous actress, and conquer the world. In her teenage years she worked and saved up money so one day she could leave. She studied English for a long time, until the point she was speaking fluently, finally, she acted as if everything had always been about to happen.
Her father Santiago Rodriguez, simple man, owner of a small workshop in the neighborhood Republica, Colobian immigrant that for decades has adopted Brazil as his home, and her mother Sofia Mueller, Brazilian straight from São Paulo, her ancestors are German European, She is a school teacher. At first they didn’t approve the idea of their daughter leaving with an uncertain future to a strange land.
“I don’t understand you Cris, going to the USA take care of children, if you’re going just to be a babysitter you can stay here, go to college and do something better than this.” Santiago used to comment not understanding his daughter’s reasons.
“I would even work collecting cardboard in the streets if I had to, just to stay in the United States. To be and to live there are the most important things for me. I will go because it is my dream, this is my will! That’s why the majority of the people are not happy; they diminish themselves because of the opinion of other people so they are afraid of following their own will. But I’ll follow my dreams, even if the whole world is against me” reinforced her idea as someone who defends the most noble ideal.
One day before her trip, anxious, Cristina packed, Amanda helped her to choose the clothes and winter coats and she said:
“You were indeed very brave and persistent in your ideals during all these years, now here we are finally packing so you can go to the so longed America. I remember very well when people asked you why you did you buy so many heavy coats if here in São Paulo is not even that cold.”
“They thought I was crazy for spending so much money for apparently nothing.”
“You would say that you wouldn’t use it here, but only you would be in the cold winter in the USA. Now your time to live your dream is finally here.”
“I can’t believe I’m leaving to the place of my dreams! I am so happy. I will make a snowman on my front yard!”
“The sparkle in your eyes confirms all your words, my sister. I’ve never seen someone love a country as much as you love United States of America.”
They hugged each other.
Accompanied of Amanda and her parents, inside of the car, on their way to the Guarulhos International airport, Cristina could not hide her anxiety, observing through the window the things that were happening outside and the avenues that seemed to have no end, she chewed her nails.
“God be with you, my sister, I wish you the best of luck. Who knows, maybe I will come to visit you there.”
“I’ll be waiting for you, Amanda. We will go shopping together at Times Square, it will be amazing – Cristina affirmed.
“Daughter, be careful, you will be alone, don’t make decisions without calling me, call me and text me. I trust you!” Sofia gave her a hug, and then gave her a kiss on the cheek.
“Cris, take care. Your dad will always be here waiting for you.” Santiago also gave her a strong hug.
The traveler’s heart was beating faster and faster as she was getting closer to the plane, when she set down she felt the she was on her way to the most unexpected experiences.

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